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Mission 19.1 to Haiti has been completed successfully.

The civil unrest turned violent in Haiti which made this mission much more interesting and dangerous!

The Tiplas mori church after the last bit of electrical was finished on November 12th by my volunteers.
We managed to get all of the mission objectives completed even though the civil unrest in the country turned violent. In stead of taking one day to wire the church in Tiplas mori it took 4 days. We kept getting turned back by protesters putting barricades across the roads. Had to turn back because if we were to drive around them, we ran the risk of getting shot by the protesters or criminal gang members. But the church is now wired and ready to serve the congregation and community.

I do most of the work with the help of volunteers from the local communities where we are working. This helps give the community some skin in the game, so to speak, which helps the work we do last longer because the volunteers and community are looking after it.

We also got the drinking water system fixed as well as getting the tool and supply cabinet moved to it new more secure location.

If you go to the Missions page and the select Mission 19.1 After Action Report there you can see a day by day report as well as some pictures of this mission.

The video to the left was taken on November 12 by my volunteers that went back and did the finish work. Turns out they did not have enough light bulbs to fill all of the light fixtures, so we are going to try to raise enough funds to ship them a case of light bulbs that they can use for all of the churches we have wired.

To all of those that helped support this mission,
Thanks So Much For Helping,

Edward Addy,
Executive Director, NACEC
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