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Next Haiti trip planned for January!
Durring this trip we will take care of last minute details and slaun our new distant learning program. This program can be used by NGO's as a tool to help fight poverty around the globe. It will be made available, in 14 different languages, to students in developing contries around the globe.

(March - April) - First Teaching Trip Successful
The trip was a success and we accomplished almost everything we planned, which is fantastic.

One of the things that I learned this trip is that if we are going to be in Haiti helping for the long haul we need to address several issues like classroom space, teaching equipment security, volunteer living accommodations. I believe that this can only be accomplished by building our own small 2 or 4 classroom school.

For more information on this trip visit the Haiti Trip #2 page.

(photo) - The first day of class. The classroom was way to hot, so class was held outside in the shade of a large mango tree.

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