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P.O. Box 174
Aurora MN 55705

Phone: 218.305.4100

2016 & 2017 were wonderful years with much hard work done in Haiti.

In 2017 our short mission 17.1, scheduled for mid-December, will help in the following areas:

    What We Can Accomplish, Together, In 2018!
Trench In Safe Drinking Water To Another Community

Add Some Secure Storage Area For Supplies, Equipment, Tools and Church Musical Instruments.

Replace Cable Between Compound And Power Meter To Reduce Voltage Drop.

Wire Another Building In The Compound For Electricity.

Add An Elevated Water Tank To Increase The Water Presure, So The Inside Bathroom Will Finally Start Working.

Check Over And Do Any Electrical Maintenance Needed On The Churches We Wired In 2016.

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