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Haiti Trip #2 (March 19, 2014)

Well the trip went from March 19th to April 9th. It was a big success. Over the next year we hope to build a permanent school with 3 classrooms and a lab. The basic electricity course will be expanded to include residential electrician training. Find Out More.

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The Haiti Vocational School Project Kicks Into High Gear.
Breaking The Cycle of Extreme Poverty With Education, Job Skills and Hope

June 2014 Ends With The Start of Our Haiti School Land Purchase Fund Raiser.....
The fund raiser we conducted last February and March to cover trip #2 was based on 1 pound Carmel Rolls. This fund raiser was such a success, we are now rerunning it to raise the funds needed to purchase the land for our new school in Haiti.

If you would like to help by purchasing Carmel Rolls or volunteering please call Edward at 218-305-4100 or use the website's contact form and we'll reach out to you. Carmel Rolls are baked for us weekly by the folks at the Sunrise Bakery of Hibbing, so you know they are a quality product.

Here is a link to a Printable Flyer and a Group Order Form for the current fund raiser, get involved and spread the word.

Trip #2 Completed Successfully
Well I'm back in Minnesota. The trip was a success and we accomplished almost everything we planned, which is fantastic.

One of the things that I learned this trip is that if we are going to be in Haiti helping for the long haul we need to address many issues like security, to make sure our equipment and supplies remain at the school. Organizations like the U.N. and others have addressed this problem by building in a more secure compound style. I believe this approach will be much cheaper in the long run

In the future I will add a link to an area called building the new permanent school where I can provide information updates to you and others that are interested in our efforts. I believe that we should be able to educate about 180 students per year with the new school. Continuing our basic electricity and adding entry level residential electrician classes.

For more information on the trip please visit the Haiti Trip #2 page.

(photo) - The first day of class. Classroom was to hot, so class was held outside in the shade of a large mango tree.
Our Partner In Haiti, Pastor St. Luc Noel:
Pastor St. Luc has 11 churches and 6 schools for grades 1-3 serving about 960 children. Even though he is busy with his ministry and schools he still finds the time to be a strong supporter of the project and is our go to for anything that we need to find in Haiti. With his help, I believe that we can find darn near anything over there.

He is currently staying with us here in Minnesota as he conducts his speaking tour at churches and religious seminars around the North Central United States. He will be leaving us to return to Haiti on the 23rd of June. It has been fun having him here with us as it has given more time to talk about the school project. When in Haiti working on the school project I stay with his family. I find it a good way to learn about the culture of Haiti.

We sincerely appreciate all of the time and help he provides to NACEC and this project.

A Special Thanks:
To all of our Board Members, Volunteers and Sponsors who continue to help with all of the planning, fund raising and many other tasks. If your not currently a volunteer or sponsor and you too would like to help, please simply contact me and we'll get you involved. As you can imagine there is much to be done and the help of dedicated volunteers, sponsors, specialists, consultants and engineers are always needed and welcomed.

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